Funeral Directors, Build Relationships. Create Trust. Increase Referrals and Grow your Business with Personalized Funeral Tribute Blankets.  It takes just a moment to order a funeral blanket, and since we deliver them overnight, you can have a blanket delivered tomorrow for the first viewing.  

Your families will cherish the blanket forever and talk about the service you provided. The Blanket is a guaranteed hit that will be a centerpiece of the memorial, become a precious heirloom displayed in their family room, and create added service value that is many times the cost of the blanket.

Providing gifts of healing for a life remembered.

Funeral Home Gifts, Inc. is committed to providing you personalized gifts to create lasting memories for your client families. Tell their story and build your market share. Great stories are shared through experiences. Be remembered and create their memories with Funeral Home Gifts Tribute Blankets.

Tribute Blanket are like a hug that your clients will appreciate.  Funeral Blankets have always been a part of the grieving process, originally in the taking the  form of a quilt. The soft comforting nature of a Tribute Blanket helps to ease us through the pain.  Many quilters still make funeral blankets  today although few of us have someone in our family that can create a quilt, but we can use a 100% cotton woven Tribute Blanket in its place and help us in celebrating lifes memories.

Give your client families a story that will be shared for generations.

The Tribute Blanket serves the same purpose as the quilt . The Tribute Blanket is woven using a photograph of a lost loved one, and may include other family members, in a setting that is comforting.  Our website also allows for customization with words, borders and other design elements.

Tribute Blankets have helped over twenty five thousand people in the past two years cope with grief and the loss of a loved one! The blankets are large, woven of extra soft cotton and convey a photograph of someone we love.  A Tribute Blanket is six feet long and makes us feel better as we wrap up in a favorite photo.

Make the blanket a surprise.  Your families will appreciate the impact of the blanket and think of you and your gesture for many years to come.

  • Hang the blanket next to the casket or behind the urn during the memorial.
  • Make a ceremony around presenting the blanket to your family after the service.  Treat it like an American Flag.
  • The key to success with our program is providing your clients with their favorite memory.
  • When families come to the first viewing and see the magnificent tribute blanket hanging from our display rack they are awestruck and always gravitate to the blanket.

Blankets help people through the grieving process which due to the large size, they will later cover up with while reading or watching tv.  Most people have a blanket beside their favorite chair.  Shouldn’t they have a woven blanket  from  a wonderful memory of their loved one?