Can I get your products in time for a service?

YES! If you order by 3.30 PM EST we will deliver your Blanket, Pillow, Portrait or Cap Panel the next day by 10:30 (depending on UPS next day delivery schedule in your area). Our normal order time is 8am - 2pm. We charge a $20 late order fee for orders after 2pm but before 3.30. Our portrait Urns are still only offered to select funeral homes for testing and we are placing a 24 hour build time in the mill for each urn.

Can I get your products delivered on Saturday?


How do I Order?

We have built a state of the art website that allows you to fully customize your products using over 500 borders and backgrounds designed for the funeral industry. The process is simple and provides you complete creative control over the design process.

Can I just send you an email with a photo and some info?

YES!We will be happy to take your photo and information during our normal order hours and place an order for you. We charge $10 for order entry.

How much does this cost?

We only serve funeral directors and do not sell directly to the public. You will have to call and have us verify your funeral home to receive pricing.