August 2, 2017

2017 NFDA Innovation Award Finalists

We’re pleased to announce the five finalists for this year’s Innovation Award! This unique program is designed to recognize companies dedicated to advancing funeral service through new and inventive products and services. The finalists have been selected independently by a distinguished panel of funeral director judges based on the criteria of Originality & Uniqueness, Quality & Design, Practicality & Sustainability, Benefit & Value. Eligible NFDA members* will vote for the most innovative finalist in conjunction with the 2017-18 NFDA Officer Election. Voting closes at midnight August 31! NFDA Members Click Here to vote now
July 11, 2017

Hero NYPD Cop Miosotis Funeral

July 8, 2017
funeral blanket

Funeral Blankets

WOVEN FUNERAL BLANKETS Our woven funeral blanket are beautiful and soft to the touch. These bereavement blankets make great tribute displays for a casket or cremation memorial. Proudly made in America. The Funeral Blanket is helpful through the grieving process….. The warm and comforting feeling you get when you wrap up in a Funeral Blanket is indescribable. A veteran service is shown with funeral blanket along side casket. What makes the product unique? These funeral blankets are unique because the image is woven into the blanket–not simply printed. Also, the size of the blanket, 4.5′ x 6′, means it has significant impact when first revealed to a family. They are machine-washable, non-fading, and designed to be well-used, loved, and cherished. Much like Linus’s security blanket, these are more than just blankets: they are allies, offering families comfort and a point […]
July 8, 2017

Cap Panel Inserts

CASKET CAP PANELS AND CREMATION PANELS Give your families the personalization they desire with Custom Casket Cap Panels and Cremation Panels from Funeral Home Gifts. Delivered overnight, these high definition, durable casket cap panels will create a personalized/customized head panel centerpiece for your casket or cremation ceremonies. You can choose from our standard designs or you can customize any design with photos, text and graphics. You can even upload your own design and we will create it for you! <br Meaningful funeral & cremation services celebrate passions of the deceased. Our guaranteed overnight custom casket Head/Cap Panels provide you, the funeral professional, the tools needed to capture those passions and tell their story. We currently have over 100 designs to choose from and are adding more every day. Our cap panel/head panel inserts are the BEST in the industry. We […]
July 5, 2017
funeral blanket

Across the Country on July 4th

“Alex this is going to be such a personal experience for my family this is crazy I can’t believe I met you and we’re able to test this out. Oh my Lord. Thank you so much. I can’t wait to put this in their hands. You’re a lifesaver man. Halfway across the country on a national holiday and you’re saving the world one family at a time. Thank you” “I think you are doing a service to our family far beyond anything you could be aware of. This girl was stripped from the mom step dad and mother, Aryssa was finally coming home to live near home again after running most of her life in and out of juvenile hall. When she got in that wreck on the way home it wrecked her mom because she felt the world had […]
July 5, 2017
photo urn

High Gloss Enamel Customized Photo Urn

We have developed a High gloss enamel customized photo urn that can be delivered overnight to funeral homes. This is the highest quality personalized urn on the market. Most funeral directors declared this a game changer. The concept is original as there is no comparable product on the market. Moreover, in focus groups, families loved the urn to the point of tears. Photo urns currently on the market allow for the funeral director to slide a photo behind a piece of plastic, or etch a photo into a wood faced urn. The photo for this urn is actually baked into the enamel finish on the urn itself. It will not scratch or fade. The urn is not ceramic and breakable, rather this enamel coating covers an aluminum urn that is practically indestructible. The images is a vibrant 1,600 dpi. The […]
July 5, 2017
personalized cap panel

High Definition Custom Satin Cap Panels

We have developed a High Definition Custom Satin Cap Panel that is professionally finished and delivered overnight. The quality of the custom cap panel is such that families request the panel after the funeral and it is suitable for framing. Gone are the days of the embroidered cap panel stapled over cardboard. We developed and manufacture this cap panel in our facility in Lynn, NC. Since we are not a casket company, our design library of over 500 images can be resized used across all your casket brands. You can have consistency across all your services regardless of your casket choice. The problem with the existing choices in custom cap panels is that they are not professional nor do they reflect modern printing technology. Most existing custom cap panels are either embroidered and wrapped around a cardboard backing or they […]
July 3, 2017

Funeral Design Website

We have just introduced the most funeral friendly online Design Website for funeral professionals to create custom funeral products to help families cope with grief. This online design tool is unique in that it puts creative control in the hands of the funeral director. Now a funeral director, who knows what the family wants, can create custom products without outsourcing their creative direction. This is not just upload a photo and pick a background. With the online website, a funeral director can create a personalized woven Tribute Blanket, a high definition custom satin cap panel, a framed portrait, a wooden plaque, a pillow or a customised enamel photo urn. Upload multiple photos, remove backgrounds, add text, clouds, sunsets and funeral specific clip art. This is a comprehensive tool for funeral professional by funeral professionals. Everything can be moved around, placed […]