The Funeral Blanket is helpful through the grieving process.....
The warm and comforting feeling you get when you wrap up in a Funeral Blanket is indescribable.

What makes the product unique? These funeral blankets are unique because the image is woven into the blanket–not simply printed. Also, the size of the blanket, 4.5′ x 6′, means it has significant impact when first revealed to a family. They are machine-washable, non-fading, and designed to be well-used, loved, and cherished. Much like Linus’s security blanket, these are more than just blankets: they are allies, offering families comfort and a point of stability in a world that often feels like it’s spinning out of control.

A Tribute Blanket from Funeral Home Gifts is a guaranteed hit with your client families, both during the service and long afterwards. Each blanket:

  • Acts As a Centerpiece in the Memorial or Funeral Service
  • Generates referrals for future services
  • Becomes a Precious Heirloom Displayed in Their Family Room

Your families will cherish the blanket forever and talk about the service you provided. The Blanket is a guaranteed hit that will be a centerpiece of the memorial, become a precious heirloom displayed in their family room, and create added service value that is many times the cost of the blanket. 

A fireman's funeral blanket is shown with widow and child

A fireman's funeral blanket is shown with widow and child

Funeral Home Gifts, Inc. is committed to providing you personalized gifts to create lasting memories for your client families. Tell their story and build your market share. Great stories are shared through experiences. Be remembered and create their memories with Funeral Home Gifts Funeral Blankets.

 Funeral Director presenting Funeral Blanket to hospice worker as gift to family

Funeral Blankets are like a hug that your clients will appreciate, they have always been a part of the grieving process, originally in the taking the form of a quilt. The soft comforting nature of a Tribute Blanket helps to ease us through the pain. Many quilters still make funeral blankets  today although few of us have someone in our family that can create a quilt, but we can use a 100% cotton woven Tribute Blanket in its place and help us in celebrating life's memories.

When you receive your funeral blanket, appreciate what you have in your hands. It is a full fledged woven tapestry blanket, not a printed t-shirt blanket.  Over eight miles of woven tapestry thread are used to make your full sized Tribute Blanket.  Our lives are like a tapestry, the threads coming together like events in our lives.  Our friendships, our history all can be thought of as a woven tapestry.  The Tribute Blanket brings this together.  It is a hug when you need it most. It will find a home on the couch or on a bed…. but always close by. Grief support comes in many forms.  We know the healing process can be tough, but we believe in our hearts that the blanket will help you.

with my Funeral Blanket, my husband is still keeping me warm
— Doreen, Ohio
my wife is still with me. I see her every day
— Aaron, Pennsylvania

Funeral Blankets have helped over ten thousand people in the past year cope with grief and the loss of a loved one! A Funeral Tribute Blanket is a woven blanket created from a cherished photograph.  The blankets are one of the best products on the market to help cope with grief and loss.  They are large, woven of extra soft cotton and convey a photograph of someone we love.  A Funeral Tribute Blanket is six feet long and makes us feel better as we wrap up in a favorite photo.

The Funeral Blanket serves the same purpose as the quilt . The Funeral Blanket is woven using a photograph of a lost loved one, and may include other family members, in a setting that is comforting.  Our website also allows for customization with words, borders and other design elements.

Family with Funeral Blanket

Funeral Blankets have helped over twenty five thousand people in the past two years cope with grief and the loss of a loved one! The blankets are large, woven of extra soft cotton and convey a photograph of someone we love.  A Tribute Blanket is six feet long and makes us feel better as we wrap up in a favorite photo.

Make the blanket a surprise.  Your families will appreciate the impact of the blanket and think of you and your gesture for many years to come.

  • Hang the blanket next to the casket or behind the urn during the memorial.
  • Make a ceremony around presenting the blanket to your family after the service.  Treat it like an American Flag.
  • The key to success with our program is providing your clients with their favorite memory.
  • When families come to the first viewing and see the magnificent tribute blanket hanging from our display rack they are awestruck and always gravitate to the blanket.

Blankets help people through the grieving process which due to the large size, they will later cover up with while reading or watching tv.  Most people have a blanket beside their favorite chair.  Shouldn’t they have a woven blanketfroma wonderful memory of their loved one?

When my Dad died last year, our whole family was lost & devastated. My Mom missed her partner of over 40 years & we were without the leader of our family. As we struggled to understand things as humans, we realized that Dad’s Black Lab, Jack, was so completely confused. He stopped eating, became listless. We were afraid he would die from a broken heart. I saw the Tribute blankets & decided to purchase one with Dad’s picture on it for Mom as a keepsake. When the blanket arrived, Mom was very moved & happy with it, but the reaction Jack had was nothing short of miraculous. We spread the blanket on the couch & Jack came to investigate what the fuss was all about. For the first time in months, his eyes were bright, tail was wagging & he was barking his excited bark. He hopped right up & curled up with Dad. We had to get Mom a blanket of her own, Jack claimed that first one. Having that blanket truly brought Dad’s comforting presence back to our family home.
— Laurie, Columbia, South Carolina

Funeral Blankets are part of our heritage

Quilting has been part of the American Landscape since America's founding. The time and effort to properly create a quilt eludes many of us, but one of the reasons for quilting (beyond decoration) has been to create a tribute for a lost loved one and help us through the grieving process. Woman would get together and create a quilt memorializing someone who had passed away. The soft comforting nature of the quilt would ease us through the grieving process.

Quilting is timeless and many quilters still make bereavement blankets today.  After the 9/11 tradedy, many people created quilts and blankets to memorialize someone they loved.  Not all of us have someone in our family that can create a quilt for us, but we can use a 100% cotton woven Tribute Blanket in its place.

The Funeral Blanket serves the same purpose as the quilt, it is woven using a photograph of a lost loved one, and may include other family members, in a setting that is comforting.  The picture may also be of an event that was special.  Whatever you choose, pick an image that will create a lasting happy memory.

How are we helped with Funeral Photo Blankets

The survivor can do many things with a memory blanket…. view it often and be reminded of the special person it represents…. keep the blanket handy to curl up in it and feel closer to the deceased when feeling down and alone.
— Emily Lane Waszak, Author of Grief, Dificult Times, Simple Steps

We all need a hug, even from someone we have lost.  Grief support groups, counselors and publications often refer to personalized photo blankets to aid in the grieving process. 

Don’t forget the little ones in all this.  Children are comforted by blankets as much as the rest of us.  Recently a little boy was asked after a funeral if he missed his grandmother.  His reply, while holding a Funeral Blanket was that she was still with him.

A Funeral Blanket helps us through the grieving process.  There are many books and gifts that can touch our heart, but all of us need a hug now and then.

Pet Bereavement


Whether it is a cat, dog or a turtle – pets are a very important part of your family. Tribute blankets can help through the grieving process. A soft woven blanket creates a connection between a family and their lost pets. Just because your beloved pet is gone does not mean you can't still have them around, a photo blanket gives you a life size tribute! These tribute blankets are large and impressive at 53″x 72″, yet soft to the touch. Also available are a photo tote bag, photo purse, photo pillow, photo eco-tote and photo wall hanging.


Customer comments

Connie Mardis I love my tribute blanket. My dog of 16 years passed away suddenly in July. He had been such an important part of my life and had been my friend and support through many difficult times in my life. I missed having him to talk to and cuddle with so much! When I found your website and saw the beautiful work you do I just had to have a pet tribute blanket made in his honor! I was so pleased with the beautiful blanket and could not believe the quality of work for such a reasonable price. Now when I’m feeling blue or missing him, I just curl up with “him” and his tribute blanket. Thank you so much for creating such a beautiful treasure!

Linda Daniel My husband’s favorite stud colt died and I had the photo blanket made and spread on our bed on Christmas morning. The look on his face was priceless. These tribute blankets are the absolute best gift to give anyone!!!

Angela Mancuso When my daughter was 3 years old, we adopted 2 kittens from the animal shelter. One of the cats grew much more attached to my daughter, and my daughter to this cat. I can’t count the mornings I peeked in at my sleeping daughter and found “her” cat sleeping around her head. Sadly, my daughter’s little buddy developed liver and kidney problems and passed away at 13 years old, early in my daughter’s senior year of high school. I wanted to do something to memorialize her beloved pet friend, so I ordered a Tribute Blanket from our funeral director. I was amazed by how well it turned out, capturing her kitty’s personality, and the details right down to the orange tufts in her tortoiseshell fur. I think she’ll treasure this keepsake the rest of her life.

Patrick Virant This Tribute Blanket surpassed our expectations. Our 20 year old, Jake, had moved from Wisconsin to Vail, Colorado. When he came home for a visit 6 months later, age was taking its toll on his dog, Gunther. We told him to spend some extra time with him because he was not doing well. Three days after Jake went back to Colorado, his dog passed away. It was heart breaking to have to tell him over the phone. For several days we pondered different ideas of how we could provide some comfort. Our funeral home told us about you and we decided to have a tribute blanket made for him as a tribute. We ordered one from our funeral director and we were stunned. We were stunned when it arrived. The clarity of the picture and quality of the photo blanket surpassed our expectations by far. We were proud to be able to send our son such a great memory and of course he loved it.