President Tweets About Funeral Industry

The President posted an image where one of our tribute blankets were being used to help Jenn Budenz cope with the loss of her husband Major Andrew Budenz. The blanket she is laying on, woven with images of her husband, was woven in our mill.

We hear countless stories every week about how this simple woven blanket helps someone deal with the passing of a loved one. We are very proud to make something that has such a profound impact on people's lives.

Blankets are the fastest growing grief tool in the funeral industry. As funeral Professionals, we are faced with a multitude of family issues with every funeral. Tribute Blankets solve three of these issues. First, for less than $100 the blanket creates a highly personalized service and they are delivered in time for the first family viewing. Second, the blankets create a lasting bereavement token that will provide comfort for the family for many years. Third, the blankets help us connect to extended family through reorders and word of mouth as the blanket stays at home and sits on the couch, providing everyone with a constant reminder of the services you provided.

We are an American Textile Mill and we are proud of what we do and even more proud of the partnerships with have with Funeral Professionals.


Blankets Help your Families Through The Grieving Process

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