Our blankets are woven tapestries. Each tapestry blanket is a work of art, woven from over eight miles of cotton yarn. Tapestry weaving is a lost art due primarily to the intense handwork necessary to complete the process. We have designed and built our textile mill from the ground up to create the highest quality tapestries in the world. We have developed proprietary technologies, both in software and machinery that allow us to take your design and move it from concept to shipping in just a few hours. Our mill is state of the art and has over thirty German Jacquard looms that are capable of weaving a blanket in only 12 minutes. Each loom weights 4 tons and is two stores high. The entire process is automated from images moving across our network to the tracking technology that keeps your tapestry blanket moving from concept to weaving to the laundry for washing and finally into shipping to be delivered to you the next day.


We have developed a high quality sublimation facility that has the flexibility to print on a wide range of funeral specific items. From portraits to cap panels, we have perfected high quality printing to better serve your needs. Sublimation printing differs from traditional printing in both quality and durability. Traditional printing is simple, just run your paper, metal or fabric through the printer and the ink sprays on the top of the item. Sublimation printing is a two step process. First the printer prints specialized inks white transfer paper. The paper is then placed on top of the metal or fabric that will be receiving the image. The paper and the fabric are then placed into a heat press, which is where all the magic happens. The heat press applies pressure and heat, causing the ink in the paper to steam into a gas that permeates throughout the blank fabric or metal that is receiving the image. The image is more like a high quality tattoo that buried deep into the product and it will not wipe off or fade.The end result is a higher resolution image that is vibrant and durable.