Jorge L. Colon -  Owner/Funeral Director

          Jorge L. Colon -  Owner/Funeral Director

Every Family Gets a Complimentary Throw

We at Puerta Del Cielo and North End Funeral Homes for every family that we served with full service funeral will received a complimentary throw with the picture of their love one. we strongly  believed that it is a very nice touch of personalization and remembrance for the families that we serve and at the same way it is a good way to thanks the family for using us to bring to them our professional services. It is priceless to see the expression on their faces when they walk into the establishment and see the throw display next to the casket. - Jorge L. Colon, Puerta Del Cielo and North End Funeral Homes

A success story for "how to" present our tribute blanket on the day of the funeral.

" I have been using Tribute Blankets for over 4 years now and feel there is no better gift.  I normally order the blankets for a first viewing, but last week ran out of time since there was not a photo readily available.  I was eventually able to find a photo of the decedent and her predeceased husband at their 50th wedding anniversary and placed the wording "Together Again" on the blanket.  When the blanket arrived the next morning at 10 am, the family was in the visitation room preparing for final goodbyes before we closed the casket.  I wanted to present the blanket to them before last leave so it would be memorable.  My staff and I unfolded the blanket and displayed it on a stand near the casket as they passed by one last time.  One of the daughters actually took the blanket with her to mass and held it tightly the entire time.

There are no words to describe the emotion they felt by seeing their mom and dad together again. That was over a year ago and every time I see this family I still get a hug and a thank you for the cherished gift and "experience" on the morning of their final goodbye.  The blankets are amazing for so many reasons and families truly love them. When presented in the right way, at the right time, it takes it to a whole other level."

Added true value to our families celebration of life experience.

"One of the most powerful ceremonies we provide is the Tribute Blanket Ceremony.  Our client families choose us for our care and respected reputation as going above and beyond.  Our Tribute Blanket Ceremony is powerful to say the least.  When a family arrives for their first viewing, we have their gifted Tribute Blanket displayed on the stand at the foot end of the casket.  Their reaction as they enter the chapel is emotional and overwhelmingly thankful.  Often times they remove it and ask to hold onto it throughout the visitation.  After the funeral service, we remove the Blanket for the stand and we fold it carefully, as if it were a flag.  The funeral director then presents it to the next of kin on one knee in front of the entire congregation.  The families reaction is always the same.......the tightest most emotional hug I have ever received and they almost always have extended family members asking if they can have a blanket as well.  Tribute Blankets changed my business and added true value to our families experience at Restbrook Funeral Home, thank you Funeral Home Gifts!".  

Tribute Blankets are by far the best personalization product on the market.

"I have owned a funeral home for over 30 years and have always strived to set myself apart from the competition by going above and beyond for my families.  Tribute Blankets are by far the best personalization product on the market in funeral service today. During the arrangement conference I get a photo from the family and have a Tribute Blanket woven and shipped overnight as a surprise. When the family arrives for the first viewing the blanket displayed in the front of the room on a stand for everyone to see.  They are always shocked and very touched by the beauty and custom detail. In addition, they tell everyone that comes to the funeral home about their cherished gift provided by the funeral staff.  On the day of the funeral I have a formal presentation of the blanket to the family at the cemetery, there is never a dry eye.  This touching final tribute truly takes our service to the next level.  I will always use Tribute Blankets and am beyond grateful to Funeral Home Gifts.  Bottom line, if you are looking for a way to provide a meaningful and memorable experience that completely exceeds your families expectations, there is nothing better." - Beck Funeral Services

Making a Mothers' Day special

Jeremy Drexler

Thank you Richard Rausch and Mallory Miller of Penwell-Gabel Funeral Homes, Crematory & Cemetery for delivering this Tribute Blanket to the mother of PFC Jeremy Drexler.

Mr. Karl Weisenbeck:

I wanted to share with you that the Tribute Blanket you provided for PFC Jeremy Drexler has been received and presented to his mother. She was ecstatic and unable to contain her emotion regarding this tribute. The timing was perfect as her final statement was “Now I can curl up with Jeremy on Mother’s Day and hold him close.
— Richard Rausch Director of Operations, Central Kansas Penwell-Gabel Funeral Homes

Something to cherish

The Tribute Blankets provide our families in their time of grief, a moment of closure to see their loved ones picture on the blankets. It gives them something to cherish that they will have forever. We will continue to give the families a Tribute Blanket as a source of healing and comfort.
— Fred Garrett Jr., Watkins Garrett & Woods Mortuary, Inc.

Thankful family of Firefighter Lt. Michael ChiapperinI

We would like to thank you so much for the beautiful blanket that you made for us.

My girls love snuggling in “daddy’s blanket”.

It was very thoughtful and generous of you to think
of us. Thank you.
— Sincerely, Kim, Nick, Kacie, and Kylie Chiapperini

Comfort for the Bowen Family

This was the most wonderful gift! I cannot express into words my appreciation for this piece of comfort you have given me.

Prior to this I was sleeping with his helmet trying to find comfort. Now I can wrap myself in this blanket and feel at ease.

Again, thank you for this wonderful, amazing gift!
— Love, Stacey, The Bowen Family

The blanket that you made was amazing.......

The blanket that you made was amazing. I gave the blanket to Harley’s mom on Wednesday morning.

It was the first time that I saw her break down crying.

Harley passed on Wednesday night.

The turn-around time and the timing that it arrived was perfect.
It was important to Harley that Mom have the blanket. Thank you so much for the swift turnaround time and the donating of the blanket.

Thank you,

Harley & Her Family
Valley View Staff and Students
— Harley's Family

"Here, Grandma, Pop Pop can keep us warm!"

What a wonderful surprise to receive the gift of the beautiful Tribute Blanket - the likeness was amazing. Craig has kept one at the funeral home and I have the other. Everyone who sees it comments positively on it.

The other day, I was sitting on the couch with our 5 year-old granddaughter reading a book. She retrieved the blanket from its place on Steven’s recliner and said, “Here, Grandma, Pop Pop can keep us warm!” What could be better than that?

Temrowski Family Funeral Home

Rebecca Temrowski Funeral Home
The blankets set us apart from our competitors. We provide a blanket with every service. We have always had good referrals but we noticed that our last 20 services in a row were all referrals, the blankets definitely help us and help our families. Call me if you are not convinced, 810-629-2533
— Becca Temrowski, Fenton, Michigan

Robert Massie Funeral Home

With over 24 years experience in the funeral business, you can bet I’ve seen all sorts of complicated programs that funeral homes go to, trying to generate new business or to ensure repeat business. I’ll be honest and say I’ve tried a few, but without much success. I started with Funeral Home Gifts just over a month ago, trying to get an edge on our competition. I was looking for something which no one in this area offered, and let me tell you it worked. We just had a family chose our funeral home, simply because they attended a service where we had a tribute blanket displayed in the visitation room! That’s not all. After that same service, we had two separate families move their pre-paid funerals from our competition to us just because of the blanket. I know you know how hard it is to be up all night and work all day, and add more work by upselling keepsakes. But these Tribute Blankets require no up selling – they sell themselves. My families love them – and I know yours will too.
— Robert Massie, San Angelo, TX

A Special Touch Funeral & Cremation Service

sharon mace.jpg

Sharon Mace, owner and operator of A Special Touch Funeral & Cremation Service, in Dublin, California. Situated deep within the Dublin Tech Center, the firm has no outstanding physical presence within her community: no memorable architectural feature defines the funeral facility. Everything outstanding must come from within her. Her emotional connection with client families is profound, and her willingness to exceed their expectations is one way she differentiates herself from the competition. One way she exceeds the norm and transcends expectations is through her partnership with Funeral Home Gifts. Every family who has a memorial or funeral service receives a blanket as her gift, and the blanket is a major focal point of the ceremony.

Sharon has built the initial cost of a Tribute Blanket into her General Price List. While this is a common strategy for our partners, Sharon has seen striking return on the gesture.

Funeral home staff and families speak on how our funeral blankets served them, speaking to the impact our Tribute Blanket Product and Gifting Program has made on their business and lives. June 2013.

My experience with the Tribute Blankets has been very rewarding. Most families walk into our visitation room and immediately ask who sent it. When they learn its from the funeral home, they are speechless. I’ve heard from many families when following up with them, that having that blanket in the chair or on the bed makes them feel like he or she is still with them. That’s POWERFUL!
— Aubertine - Lopes Funeral Home • New Bedford, MA

We have been offering the tribute blankets for many years our families. Our families love the blankets and are very thrilled to receive them. We are proud to offer the tapestry to our families.
— Pitchford Funeral Home

Families who have just lost a family member on hospice are very fragile and are just starting to navigate their bereavement journey. The Memorial Tribute Blankets provide a constant reminder that they loved and were loved. It is one of the best tools to turn tears into smiles.
— Shangrila Hospice/ Rememberance Foundation • Upland, CA

We have tried many different ideas to set us apart from our competition, but these blankets by far have been the most well received. We display them in the foyer for our guests to view as they come in. Family and friends are amazed at the beauty and the quick turn around.
— Simpson Funeral & Cremation Services • Monaca, PA

The families are in awe when they see the tribute blanket, we do this as a free gift for each family we serve and it is an added value of comfort. We have received many compliments about this gift and what it means to have something so personal to keep as a reminder of their loved one.
— Robert F. Bennett, Funeral Service Licensee • Maiden, NC

The expression on the faces of the family when they enter the chapel seeing their loved one on their tribute blanket makes my heart soar. I have received calls afterwards telling me how much the blanket means to them. I have finally found a gift I am very pleased to give to my families in their most tender of moments.
— Owens Funeral Home

We started to offer the Tribute Blankets about 8 months ago. It has been the best thing we have ever done! We do it as a surprise to the family, and they are blown away. They can’t thank us enough for such a “thoughtful tribute”. We are very pleased to be a part of this great product and service to our families.
— Brady & Levesque Funeral Home • St. Albans, VT

The funeral throw has become an asset with my service, we present it to the family at the grave side and it has become a serenity moment for the family and visitors. We have received several compliments and have received orders for funeral blankets for other occasions, birthdays, anniversaries, pastor appreciation. It is a tool that sells itself and promotes our business and our quality of service.
— House of Thomas • Dillion, SC

The Funeral Blankets are a wonderful addition to our funeral services. These blankets are well crafted and are received overnight which aids in the healing process of the families that we serve. The professional service and attention that is given by the staff is of the highest quality. They are always willing to offer a helping hand in any way possible. If you are not using this service, you should contact the company and start. From our staff to yours, we thank you for the service and the good work that you offer.
— Albritten's Funeral Service •  Dawson, GA

When I presented my first Tribute Blanket the family was overwhelmed. They were so taken back by the blanket that they cried and have all thanked me many times since the service. I have gotten calls from friends of the family wanting to know if they can order a blanket for a family member that I did not service.
— Family Funeral Service • Herber Springs, AR

The families are so amazed by this product. Often they break down in tears of joy in seeing the funeral blanket. Its a home run for the funeral home and more importantly for the families.
— Newington Memorial Funeral Home • Newington, CT

The Funeral Tribute Blanket is an excellent way to preserve memory of a passed loved one and provides comfort to the family at their time of need. Families are able to take this gift with them and cherish it throughout the years.
— Frary Funeral Home • Ogdensburg, NY

The Funeral Blanket proved to be a great source of comfort to a family who had twins. One of the twins died, and since the family didn’t have a picture of the deceased baby, I knew the blanket would be the perfect gift. The baby’s grandmother kept referring to her as an “angel”. I scrolled through the choices and found a large angel holding a baby. I requested that the angel and baby be produced as African American, and you fulfilled my request to a “T’! I was elated and so was the family. We displayed the blanket at the graveside service, and it brought much comfort to the family to see the “Angel” holding their “angel”. Truly a moving experience. This really made my heart smile. Thanks!
— Andrews Funeral Home • Jackson, AL

I remember seeing an article in a funeral magazine about Funeral Home Gifts and the tribute blankets they offer. At that moment I decided to offer them to the families I provide services for as a surprise gift during visitation.

The tribute blankets are an emotional keepsake that families love. There are times I get a little teary eyed when I see the impact these blankets have on families. I will continue to offer these funeral blankets to families knowing the pride and work that Funeral Home Gifts takes and puts into these blankets that leave a huge imprint on the hearts of the families we serve.
— Apollo Funeral Service • Littleton, CO