A Blanket Provides comfort at an impossible time

“Alex this is going to be such a personal experience for my family this is crazy I can’t believe I met you and we’re able to test this out. Oh my Lord. Thank you so much. I can’t wait to put this in their hands. You’re a lifesaver man. Halfway across the country on a national holiday and you’re saving the world one family at a time.
Thank you”

“I think you are doing a service to our family far beyond anything you could be aware of. This girl was stripped from the mom step dad and mother, Aryssa was finally coming home to live near home again after running most of her life in and out of juvenile hall. When she got in that wreck on the way home it wrecked her mom because she felt the world had been stripped from her fingertips, her oldest daughter her prized possession gone. With no blanket to cover her, just stripped, this blanket is going to make far wider and deeper of an impression in this moms mental state than you could ever know once I present it to her I’ll ask her if I can get a photo before she leaves. Because of her unending accepting love of her daughter I know she will love this gift. Man I’m so excited to be able to be apart of the bigger picture towards mom and dad(step) coming one step closer to closure, if this blanket is an avenue a chance to offer them comfort and remembrance of the life she lived then man I’m all in. Thank you for what you do Alex, thank you on behalf of my families” – Mark Burleson with Empire Mortuary Services

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