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Our woven funeral blanket are beautiful and soft to the touch. These bereavement blankets make great tribute displays for a casket or cremation memorial. Proudly made in America.

The Funeral Blanket is helpful through the grieving process…..
The warm and comforting feeling you get when you wrap up in a Funeral Blanket is indescribable.

A veteran service is shown with funeral blanket along side casket.
What makes the product unique? These funeral blankets are unique because the image is woven into the blanket–not simply printed. Also, the size of the blanket, 4.5′ x 6′, means it has significant impact when first revealed to a family. They are machine-washable, non-fading, and designed to be well-used, loved, and cherished. Much like Linus’s security blanket, these are more than just blankets: they are allies, offering families comfort and a point of stability in a world that often feels like it’s spinning out of control.

A Tribute Blanket from Funeral Home Gifts is a guaranteed hit with your client families, both during the service and long afterwards. Each blanket:

  • Acts As a Centerpiece in the Memorial or Funeral Service
  • Generates referrals for future services

Your families will cherish the blanket forever and talk about the service you provided. The Blanket is a guaranteed hit that will be a centerpiece of the memorial, become a precious heirloom displayed in their family room, and create added service value that is many times the cost of the blanket.

Funeral Home Gifts, Inc. is committed to providing you personalized gifts to create lasting memories for your client families. Tell their story and build your market share. Great stories are shared through experiences. Be remembered and create their memories with Funeral Home Gifts Funeral Blankets.

Funeral Blankets are like a hug that your clients will appreciate, they have always been a part of the grieving process, originally in the taking the form of a quilt. The soft comforting nature of a Tribute Blanket helps to ease us through the pain. Many quilters still make funeral blankets today although few of us have someone in our family that can create a quilt, but we can use a 100% cotton woven Tribute Blanket in its place and help us in celebrating life’s memories.

When you receive your funeral blanket, appreciate what you have in your hands. It is a full fledged woven tapestry blanket, not a printed t-shirt blanket. Over eight miles of woven tapestry thread are used to make your full sized Tribute Blanket. Our lives are like a tapestry, the threads coming together like events in our lives. Our friendships, our history all can be thought of as a woven tapestry. The Tribute Blanket brings this together. It is a hug when you need it most. It will find a home on the couch or on a bed…. but always close by. Grief support comes in many forms. We know the healing process can be tough, but we believe in our hearts that the blanket will help you.

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