People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but, people will NEVER forget how you made them FEEL.

Maya Angelou

We are in the business of comforting people.

My father started the textile mill with a simple plan to weave quality products at reasonable prices. Our blankets and wall tapestries were traditionally woven with artistic designs and used as gift and decor products. We sold to small boutique gift stores all over the world and grew our business every year based on quality and delivery. Each year we added looms and more family. Along the way, we acquired unique clients such as the White House, IBM and Paramount Pictures that appreciate our dedication to high quality products.

As we continued to grow, we pioneered a process for turning photos into woven products almost immediately. This took us all over the world to meet with professional photographers that wanted to use our blankets for their clients.

Then one day, we received the call. It was a call from a woman that needed a photo blanket overnight. We usually took 10-15 days to make a blanket and that was fast back then. The young woman told us that her father had passed suddenly and that their dog refused to eat and her mother had become despondent.

She felt the blanket may help. Who were we to refuse?

We rushed the blanket through the mill and it was delivered to the family the next day.

What a life changing event for a bunch of weavers that knew nothing about the funeral industry and we have never been the same since.

The young woman put the blanket on the couch. Immediately the dog put his head on the blanket and soon after went into the kitchen to eat.

Then the mom warmed to the blanket, wrapped herself in it and began to cry. Her husband had passed suddenly and she did not get a chance to hug him goodbye. She now sleeps with the blanket every night, as she had with her husband her whole adult life. She had finally received her hug.

We still make wall tapestries and ship them all over the world. We still have blankets in every college bookstore with over 450 licensed designs, and we still sell to almost 1,000 gift stores… but our passion is the funeral business. We love helping people and the work we do with funeral directors is the most meaningful of all.

We have expanded our business to include sublimated printed products for funeral homes. We love our funeral home partners and weave and ship hundreds of blankets each and every day.

If you are reading this, know my family and I support you and we will do whatever we can do to comfort your families in their greatest time of need.


George Clark

What People Say About
Funeral Home Gifts

“Many of our first-time client families have come to us as a direct result of seeing the tapestry at another one of our services”

JC BattleBattle & Sons

“We feel blessed to have partnered with Funeral Home Gifts in order to provide our families with a tribute to remember their loved ones.”

Agustin TrevinoTrevino-Smith Funeral Home

“Our yearly service calls have dramatically gone up since implementing our funeral throw gift. We started using your blankets about 3 years ago, because I wanted something the Hispanic community can take with them and cherish.”

Jorge ColonPuerta de Cielo

“Our familes love them and with the rising cremation rate, these blankets are a good way to add revenue to a service! I recently had a family who opted for direct cremation purchase eight blankets.”

Jason GravesGraves Funeral Home