April Funeral Director Spotlight - Funeral Home Gifts

Megan K. Dorman
Location Manager/Funeral Director/Embalmer
Moore Funeral and Cremation
Moore, OK

Megan was born with a servant’s heart. She is dedicated to serving and helping others. Megan earned her Associate of Applied Science Degree in Funeral Service at Ogeechee Technical College in Statesboro, Georgia after serving 5 years active duty in the United States Marine Corps. In the Marines she served as an Intelligence Analyst and continued in that field for several years after her military career as a civilian contractor. Prior to enlisting in the Marines she was an emergency dispatcher for 5 years for the Stark County Sheriff’s Office in Canton, Ohio. After earning her Funeral Service Degree, she continued her education and earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology from the University of Maryland. After serving families in Georgia and Kansas, Megan has found her home in Moore, Oklahoma.

Megan is honored to serve the Moore community and give back in any way she can. She serves on the Post Executive Committee as a member of the American Legion Post #184 in Moore, and is a member of the Marine Corps League Sooner Detachment #559 in Oklahoma City. Being a disabled veteran herself, she understands the unique challenges that veterans face and strives to help as much as possible. In her spare time, she volunteers for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, a cause that is close to her heart.

When she is not working or volunteering, she enjoys hiking, bike riding, going to the zoo or any museum, and spending time with her family.


1) How long have you been in funeral service?
I have been in this business for 7 years now. I am 37 years old. My job experience has varied throughout my entire life. I worked at a hardware store, worked for the DMV, was a dispatcher for my sheriff’s office, served in the United States Marine Corps, was a government contractor, a janitor, and now I’m a funeral director, embalmer, and location manager. This is by far the most difficult and stressful career I’ve ever had, but it’s the most rewarding and I couldn’t imagine doing anything else with my life.

2) What made you decide to become a funeral director?
When I was 13 years old my best friend took her own life. That was in 1998. I wanted to know what happened to her and how the funeral home made her look so peaceful. Seeing her look “normal” and like she was sleeping really helped me to say goodbye to her at such a young age. Back then we did not have information at our fingertips, the library had limited information on the subject, and people weren’t really wanting to answer a child’s questions about death and the funeral industry. Several years after this experience I attended a funeral for a grandparent and they did not look good at all. It actually scared me to see this family member. I knew right then and there that I had to help people in saying their final goodbyes. I knew that was my calling in life. But, I went on with life and enlisted in the Marine Corps. After my enlistment was over I knew I wanted to finally follow my passion. I used my G.I. Bill to pay for mortuary school and soon had my degree. I continued my education and went on to get a Bachelor Degree in Psychology as well. I started apprenticing at a funeral home in Georgia but wanted to move away from that area. I transferred out to Kansas where I completed my licensure and worked there for several years before moving to Oklahoma, where I am now a Location Manager/Funeral Director/Embalmer.

3) What Funeral Home Gifts products do you provide to the families you serve?
The Funeral Home Gifts product that I provide the most to my families are the tribute blankets. I will sometimes gift them to a family, depending on the timing and the situation. I also have them available for families to design with me or trust me to design them for them.

4) How do you display/present them at viewings, visitations and services and how have they benefited your business and families?
When I first started using the blankets, all I had to display them with was two floral stands for full-couch casket displays. Now I have a stand that was acquired from funeral home gifts to display them perfectly. We have received enormous feedback from our families. Typically the ones we gift them to will have at least one family member that comes back to purchase the same design. I also have a sample that I designed in our arrangement room so that families can see that it is something that we offer and I get a lot of questions about them. I used my dad for the design, which really brings it home and personalizes the entire experience for families when I let them know that.

5) Any additional comments or thoughts?
Funeral Home Gifts was a great find for our business. The funeral home I’m at now, Moore Funeral and Cremation, is a smaller funeral home. The families we serve tend to get know us and become part of the family. I’ve stayed in contact with nearly every family I’ve served here and the ones who gets the blankets just have an overwhelming appreciation for what we do for them.

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