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Funeral Blankets

WOVEN FUNERAL BLANKETS Our woven funeral blanket are beautiful and soft to the touch. These bereavement blankets make great tribute displays for a casket or cremation memorial. Proudly made in America. The Funeral Blanket is helpful through the grieving process….. The warm and comforting feeling you get when you wrap up in a Funeral Blanket […]

Across the Country on July 4th

“Alex this is going to be such a personal experience for my family this is crazy I can’t believe I met you and we’re able to test this out. Oh my Lord. Thank you so much. I can’t wait to put this in their hands. You’re a lifesaver man. Halfway across the country on a […]

High Gloss Enamel Customized Photo Urn

We have developed a High gloss enamel customized photo urn that can be delivered overnight to funeral homes. This is the highest quality personalized urn on the market. Most funeral directors declared this a game changer. The concept is original as there is no comparable product on the market. Moreover, in focus groups, families loved […]

Funeral Design Website

We have just introduced the most funeral friendly online Design Website for funeral professionals to create custom funeral products to help families cope with grief. This online design tool is unique in that it puts creative control in the hands of the funeral director. Now a funeral director, who knows what the family wants, can […]