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Frequently Asked Questions

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Order Questions

Can I get your products in time for a service?

YES! If you order by 3.30 PM EST we will deliver to you next day by 10:30 (depending on UPS next day delivery schedule in your area). Our normal order time is 8am – 2pm. We charge a $20 late order fee for orders after 2pm but before 3.30.

I missed the 2pm deadline. Can you help me?

Our normal order time is 8am – 2pm. We charge a $20 late order fee for orders after 2pm but before 3.30.

Tribute Blankets

Are the blankets woven or printed?

We offer both woven and printed blankets. The woven blankets are larger at 54×70 and come to you as a woven work of art. Each blanket has over eight miles of yarn and the image is created in the weaves. The images are not perfect, but the subtle texture of the weaves makes for a stunning heirloom quality blanket. The Printed blankets are rich and vibrant in their colors but not as artistic as the woven blankets.

What is special about your woven blankets?

Our woven Tribute Blankets are actual tapestry works of art. Each blanket is woven the same way wall tapestries have been made for over 1,000 years. We just make them faster.

Cap Panels

How are the cap panels custom fitted?

We have the dimensions for all the major casket brands as well as smaller brands. Each cap panel is precisely sized for your casket brand. The cap panel is form fitting into the casket.

How do they look in real life?

The cap panels are a beautiful satin fabric with a high definition image and words. The effect is spectacular and will enhance your service.

Can you make Full Couch Custom Cap Panels?

Yes! See our Full Couch Cap Panels here

Do I have to Include a photo?

No. Photos are optional. Many funeral homes choose to just used backgrounds and words to create a special custom cap panel.

Photo Urns

What is the urn made of?

The 946a urn is made of aerospace grade aluminum with marine grade HDPE end caps. It is virtually indestructible.

How many images can be uploaded onto the urn?

Up to five images can be uploaded onto the urn along with multiple lines of custom text and a large selection of background designs to choose from.

What is the turnaround?

Like all Funeral Home Gifts products, the 946a urn is available for next day delivery.

Where is the urn made?

The 946a urn is made in Funeral Home Gifts Lynn, NC plant by an American workforce with 100% American content.

Keepsake Pillows

Which is the pillow and which is the bladder?

The pillow can also be thought of as a pillow case. It is the flat fabric with the image printed on the fabric. The bladder is the pillow itself and it fits inside the pillow case. The bladder in a keepsake pillow is special in that it has a pouch that can hold keepsakes, or cremains of a loved one. The keepsake pillow is truly special.

Why do you have special shipping on bladders?

The bladders are big and bulky and cost a lot to ship overnight. We prefer to sell you a box of bladders in advance and just overnight the pillowcase to you for the service. However, we can also overnight the pillow and the bladder.

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