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We have just introduced the most funeral friendly online Design Website for funeral professionals to create custom funeral products to help families cope with grief. This online design tool is unique in that it puts creative control in the hands of the funeral director. Now a funeral director, who knows what the family wants, can create custom products without outsourcing their creative direction. This is not just upload a photo and pick a background. With the online website, a funeral director can create a personalized woven Tribute Blanket, a high definition custom satin cap panel, a framed portrait, a wooden plaque, a pillow or a customised enamel photo urn. Upload multiple photos, remove backgrounds, add text, clouds, sunsets and funeral specific clip art. This is a comprehensive tool for funeral professional by funeral professionals. Everything can be moved around, placed and viewed by the funeral professional online.

The design website is integrated and built from the ground up for the funeral professional. It contains features such as:

  • A Crop tool to take out backgrounds. Perfect for those photos with unnecessary people or unsightly items.
  • A Transparency tool to make a photo fade into a background such as clouds. This allows the funeral professional to create a surreal image out of a standard photo.
  • A Sepia tool to make old photos look interesting and stand out
  • Allows for multiple photos to be placed on the same item
  • Funeral specific sayings and text as well as free form text
  • Funeral specific clip art
  • Hundreds of funeral specific backgrounds to choose from. Backgrounds cover the range of options needed to completely customize a memorial service.
  • Allows for highly personalized products for the family that will be highly valued.
    1. Professions such as police, fire, doctor, lawyer, nurse, trucker, hairdresser, etc
    2. College logos (200 college licenses available)
    3. Military all branches
    4. Hobbies such as cards, video games, cooking, etc
    5. Sports, football, basketball, etc
    6. General nature backgrounds
    7. And many more

    And all the standard functions you would expect from a design tool such as crop, rotate, cut, etc.

    Furthermore, with the tool a funeral director can reorder items, select drop ship locations to customers homes or other locations, track packages, view all previous orders and much more.

    This is the only online design tool created by funeral directors for funeral directors. Power and design is back in the hands of the funeral director. A funeral professional can add that personal touch that comes from knowing the family. Knowing what the they want beyond what may be in the obituary. And, actually know what a custom product is going to look like before it is manufactured and shipped. The value to the family is substantial as they will receive what they need to help them cope with grief as opposed to some marginally personalized off the shelf item sold by a casket company. This represents a monumental step in personalization for the funeral director.

    Everything that is created on the website before 3.30 PM is delivered the next morning by 10.30AM. The website also helps the funeral director track their package and reorder items for additional family members. Everything we do at Funeral Home Gifts is centered around the philosophy of help families cope with grief while making life easier for the funeral director.

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