Funeral Director Spotlight February - Funeral Home Gifts

Tamara Bullock
Bullock Funeral Services, LLC.
Brooklyn, NY

How long have you been in the funeral service?
Hello, My name is Tamara Bullock I am a first-generation funeral director and I have worked in funeral service for 21 years. I am the owner of Bullock Funeral Services in New York City. This month marks our 6th anniversary.

What made you decide to become a funeral director?
My earliest childhood memory is placing a rose inside of my great-grandmother’s casket. I didn’t always know the professional side of a funeral however in my high school years two of the people closest to me transitioned. My father Leon when I was a tenth grader and my grandmother Lola when I was in the 11th grade. That same 11th-grade year we were applying for colleges and I had an A-Ha moment lol, I was reading an article in the daily news that highlighted a local Funeral Director, Mr. Isaiah Owens. This gave me a name on the profession that I became aware of when my family had their services. Funny enough I would end up interning and later working for Mr. Owens for several years.

What Funeral Home Gifts products do you provide to the families you serve?
The woven tapestry by far is my favorite unexpected gift, Families are given this from our firm. They are always so appreciative. Some of the other products we use are Photo pillows and periodically photo urns and the photos in frames. Even guests who have attended services we host have purchased the woven tapestry for services that we are not a part of. It has become a favorite staple piece.

How do you display/present them at viewings, visitations and services and how have they benefited your business and the families you serve?
We always have the tapestry displayed close to the casket or urn, so family and friends can see it, Some of our families take photos next to the tapestry.

Any additional comments or thoughts?
I started using Funeral Home Gifts as an employee. Over the years we were instrumental in introducing the tapestry to several other firms in our area, they all now have accounts. We are grateful for this gift, Several of our families display the tapestry in their homes. That is possible thanks to your creation.

Tamara Bullock
Bullock Funeral Services, LLC

Brooklyn, NY

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