Personalized Photo Urns

We have developed a High gloss enamel customized photo urn that can be delivered overnight to funeral homes. This is the highest quality personalized urn on the market. Most funeral directors declared this a game changer. The concept is original as there is no comparable product on the market. Moreover, in focus groups, families loved the urn to the point of tears. Photo urns currently on the market allow for the funeral director to slide a photo behind a piece of plastic, or etch a photo into a wood faced urn. The photo for this urn is actually baked into the enamel finish on the urn itself. It will not scratch or fade. The urn is not ceramic and breakable, rather this enamel coating covers an aluminum urn that is practically indestructible. The images is a vibrant 1,600 dpi. The urn looks like it is made of glass or ceramic, adding to its beauty. The image that we bake into the urn (front and back) is vibrant and true. The top of the urn is threaded and will not open when dropped. Our design library of over 500 funeral background images is available to the funeral director when creating the image for the urn. Hence, you can have scenery behind the photo as well as text and photos on the back side of the urn.

We introduced the urn in April of 2017 and is was heralded as a the highest quality and best personalized by every funeral director that saw it. Most, if not all thought it was made of glass and would cost over $500 wholesale (which is twice what we charge).

Each Photo Urn is:

  • Printed in 1,600 dpi high definition color with the image baked into the surface of the urn.
  • Perfectly smooth, resembling glass
  • Practically indestructible
  • Delivered overnight for a total cost regardless of location for only $250
  • Highly valued by the family as it is highly personalized for them

This urn took almost three years to develop but was worth it as it represents substantial value to the consumer. The urn is a practical and profitable tool for Funeral Directors as they do not have to keep inventory. They only keep a sample and the personalized Urn is delivered at need the next day. It is profitable as it will help keep customers from searching the web for similar items, it is only available to funeral directors. The full design library from the website is available for the Urn creation. Everything we do at Funeral Home Gifts is centered around the philosophy of helping families cope with grief while making life easier for the funeral director.

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