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The main reason funeral homes partner with Funeral Home Gifts is that it’s the smart thing to do!

For over 15 years, Funeral Home Gifts has been providing thousands of funeral homes with a marketing plan to WOW their families and grow their business that has never failed! Yes, that is correct I said, NEVER FAILED!!!

Keeping that in mind, why would you not partner with us? Let me ask you!

Do you have all the business that you can handle?

Have you established generational loyalty with your families?

Do you currently provide the WOW Funeral Experience or WOW Cremation Experience?

Are you no longer interested in exciting additional revenue streams of income?

Also on this page, you will find numerous testimonials, recommendations, and reviews from funeral homes and families. These are only a handful of the thousands of cards, letters, and emails of personal testimonies we have received over the years.

We urge you to pick up the phone right now and call 555-1212 to talk to one of our senior marketing specialists who can explain our amazing never fail marketing plan, and how it will work for you too!!!

“We have offered Funeral Home Gifts tribute blankets for the last nine years and the families who receive them are “over the moon” excited about it. We try our best to make the blanket a complete surprise to the family when they arrive for the visitation. We have provided the blankets for so long that families have started to ask for them. On several occasions folks will call us to provide a tribute blanket instead of sending flowers to other funeral homes where we are not even involved. The tribute blankets are the greatest innovation we have come up with so far in my experience in funeral service.”

Bob Webster
Owner Webster Funeral Home


“Funeral Home Gifts has become that partner that has increased our call volume and made us a respected funeral home in our community and its surrounding neighborhoods. I encourage you to try these blankets one time and look at the faces on your family when they turn to each other and say “who sent that” and then you look at them and explain that is a gift from you the funeral director…its priceless.”

Brian W. Donnelly Funeral Home
As we strive to help create a meaningful and memorable funeral service for families’ loved ones, we believe the products from funeral home gifts have helped us create a unique way to customize and enhance their celebration of Life for their loved one. We went from large crowds attending funerals to small intimate gatherings with no touching and hugging to practicing social distancing guidelines. The gifts or products have given us a unique way to customize for our families other ways to express themselves and gives them a keepsake to show other family members and friends who couldn’t attend or be there to say final goodbyes.

Robert A. Swinson, III and Robert A. Swinson, IV
Owners R. Swinson Funeral Services

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