Cremation Pillows

Our large cremation pillow is beautiful on the outside and practical on the inside. This pillow is a 24” by 24” and the pillow itself has a secret velcro pocket that is large enough to hold an entire bag of cremains, or any other mementos your family wants to keep. This is both the pillow and the pillowcase combined. The pillowcase in which the pillow is covered with is made of poly suede material. The images printed on this material are very vibrant and have a very high resolution.

Dimension24 x 24
High Definition Color Photo
SUPER SOFT Polysuede
Interior Keepsake Pocket
Completely Customizable
BORDERLESS high definition color
MaterialsPrinted SuperSoft Polysuede

Cremation Pillows FAQs

Can I get your products in time for a service?

YES! If you order by 3.30 PM EST we will deliver to you next day by 10:30 (depending on UPS next day delivery schedule in your area). Our normal order time is 8am – 2pm. We charge a $20 late order fee for orders after 2pm but before 3.30.

Which is the pillow and which is the bladder?

The pillow can also be thought of as a pillow case. It is the flat fabric with the image printed on the fabric. The bladder is the pillow itself and it fits inside the pillow case. The bladder in a keepsake pillow is special in that it has a pouch that can hold keepsakes, or cremains of a loved one. The keepsake pillow is truly special.

Why do you have special shipping on bladders?

The bladders are big and bulky and cost a lot to ship overnight. We prefer to sell you a box of bladders in advance and just overnight the pillowcase to you for the service. However, we can also overnight the pillow and the bladder.