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Smooth as glass, but made from Aluminum and Enamel, this richly vibrant Urn will amaze your families. The image and words are baked into the enamel for a life long finish. You can print on both sides. The base color of the urn must remain white.

This is the one of a kind urn that will keep your families engaged in the selection process. You have to see the urn to believe it. Your families will love you for it and it will become a conversation piece with friends and family members.

photo urn
Available Sizes
Small "4 Inches"

Large "10.5 Inches"

  • Cast Aluminum
  • Long-lasting Enamel Finish
  • 2 Sided Available
  • High Definition Color Photo
  • Ships Overnight within 24 hours
  • Materials Rich Enamel Finish on Aluminum
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    "The photo urn came out amazing!

    "The photo urn came out amazing! The picture color was brilliant and flawless. The mother of the young man, grabbed his urn and hugged it, she said his picture was beautiful on the urn and said she was so happy she picked this urn. She never let go of her son's urn the entire time she was here. I think having his picture on the urn truly helped his mother and I will never forget that."
    - Becca Temrowski, Owner Temrowski Funeral Home