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Blankets make very impressive memorial displays and will also comfort and help families with the healing process. Long after the service is over, the blanket will be there to comfort your loved ones and will stay with them on the couch whenever they need a hug. Generously sized at almost six feet by 4 ½ feet, this environmentally friendly blanket is made of 100% cotton and is Woven in the USA

Use up to four photographs of a lost loved one. You can also combine the photo with any of our hundreds of backgrounds that include themes and hobbies to enhance the personalization. Consider using a picture that includes other family members or one that highlights an event that was special. Whatever you choose, pick an image that will create a lasting happy memory.

Available Styles
Woven & Printed
Dimension 70 x 54  Large Woven Blanket 40 x 60  Small Printed 50 x 60  Large Printed
  • Soft 100% Cotton
  • Woven from 8 Miles of Cotton
  • Woven & Printed
  • Completely Customizable
  • Delivered OVERNIGHT
  • Materials Organic Cotton
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    “This was the most wonderful gift! I cannot express into words my appreciation for this piece of comfort you have given me. Prior to this I was sleeping with his helmet trying to find comfort. Now I can wrap myself in this blanket and feel at ease. Again, thank you for this wonderful, amazing gift! ” — Love, Stacey, The Bowen Family

    “We would like to thank you so much for the beautiful blanket that you made for us. My girls love snuggling in “daddy’s blanket”. It was very thoughtful and generous of you to think of us. Thank you.” — Sincerely, Kim, Nick, Kacie, and Kylie Chiapperini



    Can I get your products in time for a service?

    YES! If you order by 3.30 PM EST we will deliver to you next day by 10:30 (depending on UPS next day delivery schedule in your area). Our normal order time is 8am - 2pm. We charge a $20 late order fee for orders after 2pm but before 3.30.

    Are the blankets woven or printed?

    We offer both woven and printed blankets. The woven blankets are larger at 54x70 and come to you as a woven work of art. Each blanket has over eight miles of yarn and the image is created in the weaves. The images are not perfect, but the subtle texture of the weaves makes for a stunning heirloom quality blanket. The Printed blankets are rich and vibrant in their colors but not as artistic as the woven blankets.

    What is special about your woven blankets?

    Our woven Tribute Blankets are actual tapestry works of art. Each blanket is woven the same way wall tapestries have been made for over 1,000 years. We just make them faster.