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Jeffrey Levesque Funeral Director/Embalmer

Jeffrey Levesque
Funeral Director/Embalmer


Thank you so much for your call today. I just want to emphasize my thoughts on Funeral Home Gifts.

We started with Funeral Home Gifts in September of 2013. The first tapestry I did was for a cousin who passed. Her family was so pleased with what I did, and how the tapestry came out, I knew right then and there, we were on to something. Since then, we have done many. Each and everytime, we do not tell the family we are doing one for them. We have it on display in our chapel, and it is the first thing they see when they walk in the room. Everyone’s reaction has been the same. One of shock, surprise, appreciation, and amazement. They first of all can’t believe how beautiful it is. Their next reaction is of wonder, wondering who did such a nice thing for them. When I tell them that I did it for them, to express my sympathy and appreciation for their placing their trust in me, they are just amazed. I am the only funeral home in our area that does this for our families, and it has set us apart. I have received many compliments on “what a beautiful tribute” that I have done.

I truly enjoy designing each one for our families. This has extended on to my wife and daughter. All three of us just love designing tapestries for our families at the funeral home. It has given us a way not only to express our appreciation for calling on us to take care of their loved one, but allows us to get creative and to design a one of a kind memento that can be cherished forever.

Little did I know in September of 2013, that this would be the Best Thing I Have Ever Done for our families! I cannot thank you and everyone at Funeral Home Gifts enough for what a wonderful service you provide to our funeral home. Your tapestries are the best! I look forward to continuing this
tradition, for many years to come.

Karl, on behalf of all of us at Brady & Levesque Funeral Home, We wish to extend our sincere appreciation to you and everyone, for giving us the opportunity to do something for our families, that is the Best Thing We Have Ever Done!


Jeff Levesque
Brady & Levesque Funeral Home
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